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Outkast Panda Crew C.I.C

Empowering Young People and Communities

Outkast Panda Crew C.I.C. is driven by a single goal: To develop a community hub where people can develop new skills and become a positive member of the wider community.

Established as a Car Club in 2017, Outkast Panda Crew has grown into a Community Interest Company which provides young adults and those who derive from social poverty and disadvantaged areas an opportunity to learn vehicle maintenance and road safety that will guide them onto a path to gain qualifications and employment.

Our community projects include a mix of theory and practical sessions where they will learn general maintenance, welding and fabricating, body panelling, modifications, driving theory and road safety.


Vehicle Maintenance

Learning the Importance of Safety


Working on Community Projects

Reinforcing our Commitment


Developing Social Skills

One Step at a Time

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about"

Margaret J. Wheatley