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Vehicle Maintenance Training

Young adults who take part in our Vehicle Maintenance Training will benefit from a mix of classroom based theory lessons and workshop based practical sessions designed to help them understand how each component on a vehicle works, how to repair or replace parts and how to make some of the most popular modifications, guided by our experienced team.

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Routine Servicing

It's recommended to service your car at least once every year to keep it running smoothly. During this session, you will learn how to:

  • Perform an oil and filter change

  • Replace air filter

  • Replace spark plugs

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Change engine coolant

  • Change brake fluid

Vehicle Appraisal

A vehicle appraisal takes the form of a 50 point check. During this session you will learn to check:

  • warning lamps

  • lights and reflectors

  • fluid levels and leaks

  • exhaust mountings

  • brakes, suspension and steering

  • wheels and tyres

  • body panels

  • seat belts


Braking Systems

Brakes have a number of components designed to stop a vehicle quickly and safely. During this session you will learn how:

  • The hydraulic braking system works

  • The anti-lock braking system works (ABS)

  • To change brake discs and pads

  • To repair faulty calipers

  • To perform a brake fluid change

  • To replace and adjust handbrake cables

Suspension & Steering

The suspension system's primary function is to maximize the performance of a vehicle. It absorbs bumps in the road and ensures stability during cornering. This session will teach you to:

  • Recognise the different components and setups of a suspension & steering system

  • Replace coil springs

  • Replace shock absorbers

  • Replace bushes and control arms

  • Replace drop links

  • Replace steering components

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Paint & Body work

Paint is essential to protecting the body work from rust and corrosion. When modifiying cars, some body work will need to be carried out as well as repairs. During this session you will learn:

  • preparation techniques

  • body filling

  • welding

  • paint spraying


Modern cars use a variety of electrical systems from sensors, safety features and driver convenience. During this session you will learn to:

  • diagnose ECU faults

  • investigate electrical faults

  • replace electrical components

  • wire in new components

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